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Grumpy Bugger Syndrome

I have a morning ritual, The Starbucks run. I love it. 15 minutes of peace and quiet, while I enjoy one of my favourite things. ^^ Black Americano with a drop of Pouring Cream if anyone’s buying! ^^   However

Why You Can Always Put Weight Back On So Easily

So you’ve gone to all the trouble of losing some weight. You’ve exercised, Eaten Well, Taken your supplements and drank your water. You’ve achieved so much in such a short space of time.   But the second you take your

How Sleep Affects Bodyweight

You know when you have one of THOSE weeks! ^ I’m having one ^   When nothing seems to come together. Work and Life just getting in the way.   And for me it’s always my sleep which takes the

How To Not Get Fat Over Xmas

Blunt email subject line I know, but it got you to open it right?! Xmas poses a big challenge for many of us The Eating, Drinking and being Merry can play serious havoc with our weight loss goals.   Thing

Same Problems, New Places

So I’m currently enjoying a little break with my family in Abu Dhabi.   Totally a last minute thing.   Literally booked our flights on Saturday morning to fly the next day!   Anyway,   Because I’m such an ‘exciting

The Principle First Step

There is only one principle to you need to know when losing weight Eat less calories than you burn and you’ll lose weight It’s science, Like it or not, it’s no different to the law of gravity It’s fact The

How Do You Have Yours?

I’m of course talking about Peanut Butter on Toast. And by the way, if you’re not already eating this – you should be It’s amazing. You’re missing out!   Peanut Butter on Toast is a big deal in our house.

The All You Can Eat Buffet Trick’s

You’ve probably been to one of those All you can eat buffet places, We’ve got several of them where I live in Nottingham.   “Sample cuisines from all around the world in one place for just £9.99” Sounds great doesn’t

Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Please.

I dislike these cold mornings. Not because I’m sort sort of weird sun worshiper, who likes to wear shorts all year round. Oh no, This is far more serious.   These cold mornings are clogging up my local Starbucks! ^^

The Fastest Way To Lose A Stone

So for the last 2 years I’ve been getting this email, I get it every couple of months or so, And it’s sent from the same lady.   And she always asks the same thing.   “Hi Chris, Love your

The Things We Do After Too Many Drinks!

Some of the most interesting conversations can come about after having a few too many ‘Sherries’ on a Friday night. In fact some of the most impressive ‘Challenges’, ‘Transformations’ and Changes I’ve seen have come after a night out. Like

The 200kg Diet

Losing weight for most people is a big deal. A myriad of problems, issues, emotions and challenges. You’ve more than likely tried countless times to lose weight before and failed equally as many times. With that then comes the belief

Couch Potato’s Get Knee Pain

The term couch potato has been thrown around my gym a lot this week by people. People who are struggling to find their way back into things ‘post summer’ People who feel they have fallen way off the band wagon,

Stall And Whoosh Weight Loss

I was chatting with one of my clients yesterday, she had been stuck at a particular weight on the scales for a period of weeks. She felt better, her clothes were getting looser, her skin was clearing up – But

7 Weight Loss Mistakes You’re Making

  So many people are in the gym trying to lose weight but if you’re making one of these fat-loss mistakes you will be putting the breaks on fat loss and likely be getting fed up & frustrated in the

The Upside To A Driving Ban

How on earth can there be an upside to a Driving Ban, On the face of it, it’s a bit of a pain in the bum!   But like with a lot of things, you need to look a little

Why 10,000 Steps Per Day?

10,000 Steps per day is all everyone seems to be banging on about at the moment. How many have you done? Are you there yet? Did you make it?!!   But whats so special about the magic 10,000 steps? ^^

My NEAT Little Fat Loss Trick

Most of us are very aware of the 2 key’s to Fat Loss Exercise Nutrition ^^ Whether you’re doing them correctly is another issue! ^^   But there is a 3rd way.   Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis or N.E.A.T  

Five Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

  Weight loss is surely not that complex. Calories in need to be less than calories out, so simply eating less and moving more will cut it, right? Clearly not, otherwise everybody would find it easy to lose weight and

3 Parts Of Any Good Diet

Not that many of you will care about dieting, whilst sat next to the swimming pool on your holidays… But just something to think about before we hit the, ‘Summer is now over – mad rush to get fit for