The revolutionary regime to adding Muscle

Stop press – step away from that protein shake and cease doing whatever you think works. “This programme goes against a lot of the conventions of muscle building,”

“But only because it represents the latest research findings in exercise science.”

As the before and after shot of Chris Wraithmell(above) shows, this programme works. Follow the workouts and the rules below and you will completely overhaul your body in just four weeks.

First things first: forget about eating six small meals. “Food is important, but eating too often can slow down digestion, resulting in your body absorbing less of the macronutrient content.” This means you’ll need to eat fewer meals, but eat big.

“At times, you’ll even be fasting completely,”  “This creates the perfect anabolic environment for your body.”

Then there’s the exercise. “The workouts vary in speed and weight loads to stimulate the three key components of muscle-building.”

Sarcomere hypertrophy This creates growth in the larger filaments that make up 80% of your muscle cells.

Neural loading This will dramatically increase strength and muscle reaction speeds by firing your nervous system.

Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy This is responsible for the energy-giving cells that make up the remaining 20% of your muscles, generating explosive power.

The rules

• A base level of strength and fitness is required. You should be able to perform compound moves comfortably.

• You must strive for eight hours’ sleep per night. Try to be in bed by 10pm if possible.

• You must consume huge amounts of protein. You should be eating three large meals each day. Aim for 50% protein, 20% carbs and 30% veg every meal.

• Don’t eat any food between 9pm and 10am to optimise hormonal balance.

• You must wait 60-90min after training before eating to maximise the effect of your session. This includes protein shakes.


This programme is frighteningly good at producing results, but is also seriously hard work.

If you have always struggled to build mass and muscle size, then this programme will break every rule you have ever read – but will also produce the results you have always wanted.

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So now you must be thinking…..’How much is it’

Well, how much would you pay for a total body transformation?

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£100?  £200?  £1000?

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What you will be getting for your money is truly staggering


  • A comprehensive 25 page ebook detailing exactly how you are going to change so dramatically
  • A day by day workout programme, with an easy to follow workout schedule
  • 4 weeks of nutritional planning to maximise the results from the programme
  • A 60 page Muscle Building cookbook to ensure you are fuelling your body in the right way
  • And access to the programmes creator Chris Wraithmell via email, so that we can GUARANTEE your success


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See you on the dark side 🙂