The way in which a person eats, is a direct reflection on both how they look and feel, but also on how they move and function.

We have all heard the saying,

‘You are what you eat’

And it is so true.

Feed your body with rubbish and you will feel like rubbish.

This is why it is essential that when starting out on any exercise programme that you focus your intentions on what you are putting into your system, as if what you are ingesting is of poor, sub standard, denatured quality, then you will ultimately be sabotaging your own results.

At Fitter Nottingham we use a protocol of eating (not dieting), which not only ensures that you will look and feel better than you have in years, but you will also then move and function in a totally different way.

By following the Elimination Diet, our clients start to understand:-

  • The pathway of toxins and toxicants through the body, the havoc they wreak and what they can do about it
  • What creates nutritional allergies and intolerances and how they can avoid them for good
  • The structure and function of their cells and how they determine the structure and function of their bodies
  • Signs and symptoms of struggling lymphatic, dermal, endocrine, digestive, musculo-skeletal and cardiovascular systems
  • And the KEY role of the liver and its MANY functional roles in regulating the health of the body and why it’s ESSENTIAL that this organ is taken care of if you ever want to lose Body Fat.

If you do not focus on good quality nutrition throughout your training programme, then you are basically not giving your body the chance to succeed.