Now imagine what could happen if you were working with just 3 other people of exactly the same mentality and minset, all focussed on helping themselves and each other on achieving the ultimate fat loss goal.  Coupled to the private attention and training of Nottingham’s Premier Weight Loss Personal Trainer.

That as a combination could be pretty powerful, don’t you think?

Now this programme is definitely for you if

  • You feel like you have spent literally years searching for the ‘Fat Loss Secret’
  • You seem to be endlessly attending the gym to no avail
  • You have tried every diet out there
  • You haven’t seen a change in your size/shape for ages now
  • Nothing seems to fit/suit you anymore 

We know that this stuff is frustrating and annoying the hell out of you.

We know that you don’t want to try yet ‘another’ generic fitness programme

We know that you want to see ACTUAL changes to your body, as god know you have worked hard enough to get them.

This is why we offer an iron clad, 100% DOUBLE Money Back GUARANTEE that you will drop at least a Jeans Size in a month.


That’s how well this programme works.

So whats included:-

  1. 8 LIVE Small Group Personal Training Session from Nottinghams leading Personal Trainer. Held from our exclusive Private Personal Training studio in Nottingham City Centre
  2. A Full body Kinetic Chain Assessment.  Which will allow us to release brakes on your body which have literally been holding you back for years.  Fat Loss can be achieved with as little as correcting your breathing patterns!! (and i’m not joking!!)
  3. A Full Body Fat Test. Which will allow us to focus on exactly ‘what’ and ‘when’ you should be eating to suit your body and hormonal type.
  4. Weekly workout programmes, and homework tasks to ensure that your metabolism remains peaked and the ‘brakes’ remain released.
  5. A copy of our Nutritional Bible and Cookbook, so that you can finally start to understand where you have been going wrong
  6. And UNLIMITED access to Nottingham’s Premier Weight Loss Personal Trainer

As you can tell this programme is complete. We are leaving no stone unturned in order to GUARANTEE that you achieve a result.

Now as you can probably imagine, this programme is not going to be cheap.  But your not really looking for cheap are you?

You have already tried cheap, and that hasn’t worked

  • Personal Trainers
  • Gym’s
  • Boot Camps
  • Slimming Clubs
  • Residential Fit Farms


So the investment that we want you to commit for our 4 weeks of Group Personal Training is just £187.

Not as eye watering as you probably first thought!  And don’t forget that this is GUARANTEED.

So when can you join?