Below are just some of the amazing testimonials that have already happened here at Fitter Nottingham Personal Training, backing up every claim we make about getting fantastic life changing results

What our clients have to say

Amy, Nottingham – Lost 5 stone and 5 dress sizes in rapid time!!

“Having let myself go after having my first child, I was in desperate need to get back into shape.  I didn’t know where to start, so I contacted Chris and the rest so they say is history.   I’ve not only lost 5 stone & 5 dress sizes but have totally re-educated myself in regards to nutrition and living a healthy life.  I cannot thank Chris enough for his ongoing help, and I promise he is as good as he says”

 Tricia Luckcuck, Nottingham – Mis-advised by GPs her whole life, now she has finally regained her health

“I am so pleased I found Fitter Nottingham. Being a sufferer of FMS/CFS the help I’ve had from Chris Wraithmell of Fitter Nottingham has been invaluable to me. He has written me a personal tailor made diet, stretching and exercise regime which has been fantastic in my management of this condition. He has done everything he could possibly do to help me with nutrition and exercise – he is a real professional – all I have to do is stick to it. I cannot praise him enough. Nothing is too much trouble. I can email or text him a question about diet or exercise and he’ll answer as soon as he can, normally within half a day, with a comprehensive answer. I would recommend him to anyone, whatever condition you’re in.”

Christian, Nottingham – Dropped 24lbs in 2 months, just in time to look great on his wedding day!!

Christian - Dropped 24lbs in 2 months“Really really pleased, been trying to lose weight and tone up for years and have been on lots of different expensive plans and nothing worked. With Chris’ help and guidance I toned up and dropped 2 stone in 2 months whilst feeling full of energy and sleeping like a baby! Feel very comfortable in my 30″ waist jeans (which I haven’t fitted into since college nearly 10 years ago) and would definitely recommend Chris to anyone Thanks”

Michelle Beech, Nottingham – Serial Gym User & Fad Dieter, who is finally dropping the weight she deserves to

“I have spent my life in gyms and on diets desperately trying to have thinner thighs and a leaner physique. Nothing has worked! In three weeks I have learned more about my body shape, and how to exercise to change it, than in the last 20 years! I am healthier, fitter and more relaxed about my body than ever before and trust Chris to get me to where I want to be. My trousers are all baggy too!!!”

David Powlesland, Nottingham – Busy Professional with hectic lifestyle, is now in serious shape and representing England Rugby at Masters level

“I have been visiting Chris at Fitter Nottingham since July 2010. During this time Chris has helped and advised me on all aspects of my diet and exercise. I have a sedentary job either sat at a desk or driving around the UK, staying away in hotels and entertaining customers and I found it difficult to maintain my weight let alone lose any. Ever since I have been seeing Chris I have managed to lose 11kg-just over 2 stone. I haven’t changed jobs!! I have just changed my workout routine and attitude to food. The exercises Chris sets me and challenges me to during my sessions are targeted to improve my posture strength and overall fitness. I completed the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ 11k obstacle course in Nottingham in October comfortably thanks to Chris’s targeted training. I can wholeheartedly recommend Chris and Fitter Nottingham to any one who has ambitions of losing weight, training for a specific event or just wants to improve there general health and well being.”

Suchi Patel, Nottingham – Dentist turned sprint endurance machine!!!

“I’ve been training with Chris for over a year, and something that started off as a countdown health regime to my wedding has now carried on to become an essential and enjoyable part of my life! Exercise and diet are really important to me, but even though i’m a long distance runner, I could never seem to do the right exercises and diet to allow me to lose weight long term… With Chris’s help I’ve dropped inches off the hips, two dress sizes, and noticeably increased my strength and stamina. Even though I am a vegetarian, he’s helped me formulate a brilliant all round diet, so it works well with my exercise and busy lifestyle! I Can’t thank you enough!! Thank you!!”

Philippa, Nottingham – I’ve got my pre baby body back 🙂

“After having my first child and picking up some terrible eating habits during pregnancy, I was finding it soooo difficult to shift not just a little bit of weight, but any weight at all. After plucking up the courage and asking for help by Chris at Fitter Nottingham I couldn’t be happier with what I have managed to achieve. Chris has taught me things about my body which I never imagined would have any relation to my weight, size or shape…however the proof is in the pictures!!! Thank you”


Lesley – Nottingham

I’ve tried years of slimming classes that didn’t work, now after a chance meeting with Chris I’ve finally lost weight and re shaped within weeks. All due to clean healthy way of living! I still have a way to go but I could not be happier with the results so far.





photo (1)Tara – Having 2 Kids played hell with my figure

“After my 2nd child I just knew I wouldn’t be able to get my body back without help.  Now after 3 months I am feeling more like myself again. ”








Sean – Followed through on a Drunken Bet

” After making a rather silly bet whilst drunk at a wedding, I very quickly had to get my ass in shape.  After some meticulous planning and a fool proof program, this was the result in just 17 weeks. ”

And I won the bet.